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Eric Adams: NYC's First Vegan Mayor On Why Healthy Food Is A Human Right
Eric Adams: NYC's First Vegan Mayor On Why Healthy Food Is A Human Right

Eric Adams: NYC's First Vegan Mayor On Why Healthy Food Is A Human Right

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Eric Adams, Rich Roll
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Aug 9, 2021
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That's Eric Adams, and this is the ritual podcast.
The Rich Roll podcast,
what's happening people? Good to be here. Good to have you as many, you guys know I was in New York City recently a couple weeks ago and one of the many occasions for that trip. Was the opportunity to sit down with today's remarkable guest Brooklyn, Borough, president and soon-to-be New York City's. Next mayor, Eric Adams and it was an experience that did not disappoint. You might have heard Eric's name because as the current democratic
Dick nominee for the mayorship of New York City in recent months. This has put him on the map as a sort of national media figure by way of background. Eric is a former police officer with NYPD. It's a 22-year career, we're in, Eric made, great progress were forming that institution from within, well, in advance of it being Vogue before retiring from the force, as a captain and entering the world of politics serving. Four terms as
New York state senator before becoming the first African-American Borough president of Brooklyn those who have followed this Mayoral race more closely likely already know that it's essentially been focused on one issue Law and Order and lost. In this media cycle about today's guest is this incredible commitment that he has to revolutionising health policy, which is a direct result of his very personal experience with chronic lifestyle disease.
Five years ago at the age of 54 Eric woke up unable to read as alarm clock and concerned. As you might imagine about his vision as well as numbness. In his extremities he reluctantly goes to the Doctor Who in turn delivers. This very Grim diagnosis of advanced type 2 diabetes Progressive eyesight loss was inevitable. His nerve damage was leading him on a path towards amputation.
And going on a battery of medications for the rest of his life was just an absolute given, But Eric refusing to believe his fate was sealed decides instead to take matters into his own hands rather than Googling living with diabetes. Instead, he Google's reversing diabetes and what he finds is a plethora of support science experts, many of which have appeared on this show that inspired him to ditch his lifelong.
Allegiance to the standard American diet in favor of a whole food plant-based diet, within weeks of this nutritional shift. And without any medication whatsoever, Eric symptoms subside, his diabetes, and Deidre versus over time, his vision, Returns His nerves repair themselves and in the months that followed he lowers his cholesterol by 30 points, he drops 35 pounds and essentially a new lease on life was born.
Now, five years has Eric is the fittest he's ever been his remarkable transformation, instigated him to share what he learned and inspired him to create impact through some pretty radical initiatives as Brooklyn. Borough president to improve the nutrition, the health, and the lives of New Yorkers and Beyond and it's a commitment. He's adamant about expanding as New. York's next mayor, it's an incredible story. Well, told by an incredible story teller and it's coming right up.
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Rich Roll. This deal is not available on the regular website. You got to go to drink element, D, RI NK, l. M n t.com /, Rich Roll. Okay. Eric Adams New York City's next mayor. Here's the thing, though. This isn't really a conversation about politics. It's a conversation about plants. The power of plants to heal told through the lens of Eric's.
A journey from ill to well and The Purpose Driven Mission it is birth within him to revolutionize Health Across America. I appreciate Eric for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with me. We only had a tight our but I think we really made the most of it. I suspect you will find this conversation. Inspiring wanting to know more about Eric in which case you should certainly check out his book healthy at last a plant based approach to preventing and reversing diabetes and other chronic.
senses. And with that, I give you Eric Adams.
Thank you so much for doing
this. No you're welcome. You're welcome Rachel. Sings your Praises. She's like my
video we do not going back home. Actually, I think four
years to make this happen
but the timing I always trust the timing and this is a very special moment for you right now. So privileged grab an hour of your out of your busy day, he was because we only have an hour. I mean, there's so many things that I would love to explore with you. The current problems, New York City faces gun control.
He's reformed in the like, but because we only have an hour to make the most of that. I think we would be best served by focusing, the conversation on health, and your personal health Journey, your commitment to sharing what you've learned and and leveraging that experience really to create policy change in programs systems to address everything from food, insecurity to improving personal health, in the lives. You are constituents. So your aim for that nature. First of all, the the earring looks good,
though. Well, that's for you.
Be quick on a I want to go to that but I want to go to something else that you that you touched on which is so so important. We don't connect it. Thats, what we are facing is all the same thing and we sometimes believe that is separate but it's not you know, the universe will we live in is an ecosystem and so everything is part of that ecosystem and we live on this unbalanced, it throws off everything. And so
You use the term system which is important. And you also use the term of, you know, we want to talk about my health, but we are unhealthy society and everything we do is unhealthy, we have a junk food mindset. Both for our do not nutritious, no standards, as well as our emotional standard our spiritual, you know, we are really in a bad place and it's been expedited through this, our addiction to social media.
Yeah, that's that's the McDonald's of our mind. Sure.
And you can't solve the big problems. You can't solve or address the macro problems without addressing the micro problems. The problems within ourselves, right? We have to carry a certain vibration of Truth and integrity and authenticity. There has to be an integration, right? You have to be in balance with yourself and your environment before you can step up to the podium and talk about changing the problems that affect all of us would
like to vote.
While say and so if and the first step towards correction is with a a a talks about you have to acknowledge. Yeah I mean yeah
yeah yeah. I mean I've been in a forever so you can speak my own language. One of the things I always say podcast is one of the tropes of a a is you cannot transmit something. You haven't got like you have to be living it exude in it. You have to be an Exemplar of the values in the ideas that your ass.
Espousing otherwise it rings Hollow and I think in this junk food social media culture that we find ourselves in and there's a lot of people proselytizing about this and that but you know, a lot of that is nonsense because talk is cheap. And if you're not actually, you know, living your life in accordance with what you're preaching, I think people's antennas. One of the things about social media is that we're all very attuned to what's real and what's fake especially young people. They can see it a mile away.
And that's why I think there's so much strength and gravitas in in your message oriented around health because of your own personal experience. Well say well
say and you know that connects through the whole earring piece on the campaign Trail and back to the
start here you're going to answer this
question on the campaign trail and I was with my son the first time it happened that that a group of young people that was just you know just disenchanted and he said we hear you politicians are
Always come. You say everything. We don't believe and you know, young man, stood up and say well you know what? If you get elected to met and I said, well first is the primary he says, well, if you win the primary but you piss your is and I said yes, I would, you say yeah, a buddy to whole crowd was like yeah. Psbs and so they after the primary, my son said, promise made a promise kept that. And so went to the store sat in the chair and got the is pissed.
And it was really sending the message that this is a new day. You know. This is a new day you're going to see an elected official that's going to push the boundaries. Yeah and that's willing to say I'm going to keep my promise number one. I'm not going to be on the campaign Trail saying, one thing and then, you know, getting governing governance and do another. Yeah. And that's what it's
about. Yeah. Did you did the kid who are originally challenged? You do you know who that do you got it? You have his
Name something,
where do you live? Social media is probably looking for you. He's
going to feel like you need to. You need to have a tete-a-tete with
our kids, you know? And it is really, you know, this moment is excited for so many reasons and my team watched me evolve, you know just as your human being this Evolution and I'm going through you know I'm nowhere near where I'm
2N. But I'm evolving so much and it was never about to Destiny. My team hurt me say this over and over again, it was never about. Do I become mayor? It's the journey for all I know is this journey is preparing me for what my real purpose is, and their hurdles. I had to go through. This was this was a tough tough, tough Journey. We had in coming coming from all over the place. But we remain. We had a motto. Stay focused. No distractions.
Ins and grind. Mmm. That was it?
Yeah, I asked you. Right before we started recording like how you feel and and you're like not the kind of You Gotta Stay grounded. I can fly too high right but you got a lot coming at you right now. I can't imagine what that's going to look like. I mean at this point you know, New York City, 70 percent Democrat Democrat. You know, it's a it's not a foregone conclusion but you know in all likelihood you'll be the mayor and in that you know, situation there's going to be all
Kinds of insanity swirling around you. So 2x, how do you stay grounded with that job?
My being true to yourself. And, you know, I know there are things, I'm able to do the things. I'm, I am not able to do and just make committed wake up every day with the same Focus that I have that. I have had, you can't Invent Yourself day one as being mayor, if you didn't have those same practices while you were going through life and so you know, growing up
In South Jamaica Queens, you know, Mom, moving us there from Brownsville, you know, going through my entire educational experience, cry myself to sleep. I mean, literally of why can't learn why? I'm in the classroom, and I'm being bullied as the dumb kid and you're getting these. No matter how hard I tried. And been told by my teachers, I was lazy. I know if we get in third grade, one teacher smacking me so hard that are left for handprint on my face because they thought that, you know, I
I just in put in enough effort, but I was trying every night I was grinded and it wasn't until I got into college. I overheard a documentary or learning disabilities and I said, wow, do I have a disability? I took out the documentary and realize that I did and I was able to overcome that learning disability,
dyslexia or what was
it. It was a combination of ADD and dyslexia. It's a combination of the two. So, you know, I was in pretty bad shape. Yeah. And I went from a d student to
A on the Dean's List. Hmm. And it was amazing that I was undiagnosed and my mother not understanding that. And I still think today that my brother is dealing with bipolar that was never diagnosed and because he never had was lucky like I was lucky to hear it you know his pathway when totally different from my pathway but imagine how many children never had that luck. Mmm. And they still are suffering from. Yeah.
The outcomes. Yeah,
just one of the many epidemics that were dealing with right now, mental health, right? Especially in the wake of covid, with depression, anxiety, stress. All the pressures that everyday people are shouldering just trying to pay the bills, make it through the day,
right? And and we no longer believe that's why this race was important on so many levels. And that's why the campaign was not only
We built on a strategy of how to win but a strategy of how to tell a story of the Perfectly Imperfect human being. I am so flawed man. You know it's
refreshing to hear my
campaign, my campaign Guru Nathan. He said, man, we supposed to be in last place, you know, because I am so Floyd as a
Sid. And I wanted to put my Floyd person Persona on Broadway. I wanted everyone who had a learning disability, everyone who's dealing with diabetes. Everyone who was ever bullied, everyone who were was arrested and beat by police. I want everyone to see like listen man, this guy, this guy's ever to become the mayor.
Well, I think it's a breath of fresh air because we've developed this expectation of how a
politician speaks in the way they deliver their message and these carefully crafted stories that are meant to check certain boxes and we've become you know inoculated against that and there is this thirst this hunger for something real and something true goes back to what I was saying earlier this idea of people know when something is real and when it's crafted when it's manufactured,
right? And that's the greatest gift. I can give New Yorkers which I'm hoping Cascade throughout the entire country.
Our Noah knows a lie and what's real and we have stopped listening to ourselves. We know we your spirit won't allow you to accept a lie. You know, my message resonated with people because they felt the authentic approach of it. We carried them. We carried every New York is five boroughs. We carry four boroughs in the city of all ethnicities. Yeah, no. And that was, that was a joy.
Joy of this race, right? Because
I started to see how an underdog candidate kind of creeping your way up, right? Like sneaking past some bigger names. Yes, you know,
along the way. Yes
and all the shenanigans with the, you know, the all the stuff that got baked into account, and all of that.
Yes, there you are, man. Yes, and, and when it feels good and we never, there was never a time that the team felt is though we couldn't do it. Never, you know, all we knew we had to
Rachel. You agree with that?
Right here. We said to put one one foot in front of the other. That's all we did every day. You know, we have to raise 11 million dollars. Think about astronomical that is 11 million dollars. What is it kid from best are getting seven million dollars from but we just did one fundraiser at a time could have been five people. They're writing checks for $10 we took it say thank you and then they will call Tim or friends
so what do
You make of that, you know, as somebody who, you know, of these humble up, right? You this humble upbringing who's come so far in your life and Achieve so much when you reflect on that? What are the lessons? What are the, you know, principles that you've organized your life around that have allowed you to excel?
We had a rock that we use to hold. This is a belief and after every event we will have everyone touched the rock. You know we could because I believe that you just says
Fingerprints. Leave your DNA your fingerprint of belief. I believe it leaves a DNA on everything. The people we come in contact with if they believe their DNA of belief is going to impact you as well. And we wanted people to start believing in themselves and we really believe that we created this Justice energy of people of all ethnic groups, different languages and different cultures. They just believed
it was called
Man, I gotta tell you like looking at you you don't you don't look a day over Ford really dumb. I mean, he's 61 yes. So he wanna I mean you know, like just the model of Vitality. So I want to I do want to get back to health thing. Doesn't like let's talk about that because there's a crazy story and I feel like you mentioned earlier, the importance of telling a story, how you tell a story, the story that you are telling. There's so many issues that face New York.
Those require your focus and your attention, the health piece is a big piece. I'm not sure that it really got that much focus in the campaign, maybe that was intentional. Maybe not, I don't know. But that's the story that I think my audience wants to hear and I think is so powerful,
so true and nothing will impact a family. More than health things. We call a chronic disease in the sick care that
We basically believe we have normalized sick care, we don't have health care, we have sick care and I was the victim of that 5455. I receive a diagnosis of that. I was experiencing late stages of diabetes cause vision loss. I woke up because I can see the alarm clock, because my left eye was just shot, and the doctor said, listen, you're gonna lose.
Late in the year Eric and had permanent nerve damage, in my hands and feet. They were tingling all the time. I thought it was just falling asleep. I was overweight, did not realize that because I looked fine to me, but, you know, throughout the years, you Sam. I'm in my mid-50s selling out. Yeah, right. Yes.
And that 35, 40 pounds,
heavier about 35 pounds heavier, and I had this terrible feeling in my stomach. That's what sent me to dr. In the first place because you
You know, men, you have to drag us to the doctor, you know, you suck it up, you know, we really bad, right? Right. And I thought it was colon cancer because it was a not that wouldn't move. It wasn't gas, moving around. And when the doctor checked me, when I came out of sedation and check my colon in my stomach, he said, would you have an ulcer you both? He said, but your real problems, your diabetes, he says you and late stages. Mmm. And I went to five of the best doctors in the city, and they all told me the same thing that it was hereditary that
You know, it's not much you can do, you're going to, you're going to be on insulin, the rest of your life, you want to be a medicine and rest of your life. And that's just, I was like, oh, come on, Mom was diabetic for 15 years after time, seven years on insulin and I just refuse to accept that my sister was experiencing. She lost the kidney, through diabetes, and other sister, lost her breast to breast cancer. Another brother was going through cancer as well. And other brother was dealing with prostate cancer.
Cancer. So it was the family was dealing with. We were at the stage of chronic diseases that's going to get those notifications one at a
time but given that you have it throughout your family history and you on some level conscious or otherwise you're experiencing these symptoms, you know, something's wrong and you know diabetes is probably in the cards for you. It probably didn't come as that big of a surprise that that was something that you were contending with, where does that impulse to say?
I'm not having this and I'm going in another Direction. Come from good, that's exactly that started at odds with the guy who refuses to go to the doctor. Right. Right. Right.
Right. There was, I think that many of us particularly men, women are not as bad as men, but particularly men, we sort of take this position while I wait until next week and we know never next week, never comes. And by the time we get inside their doctor's office, it's like, listen, you're in bad shape right in the surgery. All right.
And it was really the paint, the ulcer saved my life and could remember diabetes. And number one cause of non-traumatic, impute amputation. I was having neuropathic nerve damage and it was her own today. Yeah, the number one cause of blindness. It was, you know, the causes of all of these other, you know, kidney failures. And so going to the doctor's was just a deal with that pain in my stomach.
And later, it gave me the pathway out and so they gave me these pamphlets. All the doctors gave me pamphlets about living with diabetes and I want you to computer and Attack One, different word, reversing diabetes. I couldn't even tell you where it came from. It came from somewhere in the
universe, the idea of just writing that word reversing
down, took me on a different search, living with diabetes would have been one search engine. And One Direction reversing took me on a
different site bad. Yeah, Neal Barnard pops.
Up first,
probably. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, been a dr. Esselstyn and doctor was my good Gregor, right? Right. It's my crew. I love those guys, you know, and I was able started reading. I was like, is this some National Enquirer? If someone, discovers someone from Mars or something cover so far? Yeah, that was a foreign term reversing chronic diseases. I never heard that before, and I just dug in. And finally, I told her I called
To aselton and and the Cleveland Clinic. Yeah, he said fly down to see him and I spoke with him and he started telling me about what I should do. And I remember that day sitting there and I was like, what's wrong with this quack? I'm losing my sight. He's telling me to give up steak and chicken, Barry nothing to lose. Uh-huh. And when I went returned home and went to my parents read my refrig, I said, wow, look at these labels, we're not even eat.
Even eating food anymore. Lights went on. It. Did it did
it's interesting because there's something about having your back up against the wall, like being in that state of desperation, that will summon the willingness to actually make the change. It's like you can educate yourself. You could have read articles about dr. Esselstyn, or read his book, or whatever? That's very different from actually implementing this, the advice, right? But you were in a state of, you know, High a
Age race and motivation, right there, which are mode which are you know, he's like you don't want people to suffer but I'm also not so quick to try to deprive people of those moments because they can catalyze incredible transformation
without a doubt. I am who I am because of that, that experience and three weeks after going through a whole food plant-based diet, my vision came back. Three weeks. Three weeks went to hell.
Bad was your vision. It was, it was the doctor told me. Eric, you have to turn in your driver's license. You are legally blind. You can no longer drive a car in the state of New York. And that first week, the food was so bad. I was like did characters that I have to, I have to eat this. I used to have a cereal in the morning with flaxseed that I didn't know that you supposed to grind the flaxseed,
That is passed right through.
Yes. But then that Sunday I was just in a state of just sadness and Ice Eric, what's wrong with you? You know, you and his woe is me, why not go to a, why not me? Why not learn how to cook? Why not learn about spices? Why not learn about different Cuisines and I just dug into it. That next Monday, I woke up with a new energy and say I'm going everyday, I'm going to learn a different way of
Cooking and styles and my taste buds and I was able to turn it around and that by the end of the second week, my food was tasting better. Three weeks later. I had a nice repertoire about 10 different meals and three months later my diabetes was in remission or nerve damage went away to tingling was gone. My vision was great. Everything changed in my body, just started shedding off all of those extra pounds and it was just an unbelievable transformation.
Wildman. So your A1C was like, 17. Yes. And a half percent Guru which for people that don't know. It's almost like triple where it's meant to be right. It's down to like six. Now the rest is this
is there five point five point eight.
Now and no medication,
no medication, no
medication. People have such a hard time buying into this or believing this but you being a living example and and and being in this position of influence and Power.
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What was your
diet like prior? Like, what is, what are, you know? What are you eating before?
Well, I was a former police officer, so we should just steal them. If do we like doughnuts? Because, yes, we do Derek,
and you get some hate for
that. And it was, it was really just processed food, you know, I knew where every dollar menu was located for McDonald's, it had to be fried.
Sugar process, sweet. Just a real processed food died over fat over oil, over sugar, white flour without think about it. Now I said why the human body is so resilient because the food we eat is just so bad. It's like imagine having a Maserati and you keep putting Windex in your, or your gas tank. It's just the body's just not.
Not made to eat what we're
eating and still it figures out how to function with that for quite a long time. But it's gonna breaks going to break down its gonna go Amanda. And when we're faced with the, the prospect of putting something good in our body, we balk at the idea, right? Yeah, right. But I think it's important for people to understand how those Cravings change. Like a lot of people would imagine that, okay. You're just, you're facing this death sentence. So fuck it. Like I'm just going to I have to resign myself to the
Way of eating and I'll just live my life and martyrdom and in misery, right? Because I have to. But in truth as you've experienced your taste buds, your Cravings do change and you begin to get excited and look forward to these healthy foods that actually nourish you. And I think that's a pill that people have a hard time swallowing. Like, they think it's it's doing an exaggeration Now, isn't that? That yeah, maybe that happened to you. I'm not sure. I believe that, but that would never happen to me because I can't live without, you know,
Oh, X Y, or Z Fill
In Those say, well, say and you know, food is heroin. Let's be clear that first week. I was, I was going through withdrawal, you know, waking up. Yeah. Oh, was you man as well? You take someone hooked on Heroin. Put them in one room. Is someone hooked on a steak, you know, and all that other bad food and take it away. I challenge you to tell me who's the heroine addict and
when I did it, I had the sweats and
You know, I was, I had no energy, it took, right? Like two weeks to get over that hump. Yes, yes. And you know, the lights, go on the skies, clear. It's right. It's all say, well,
say and my mom, you know, she transitioned few in April already hear that. And she, she struggled with from the south and she really leaned into the plant based lifestyle and two months after going,
Whole Food plant-based. She was able to cycle off her insulin in two months. She was 80, 81, 82 at the time and it, can you imagine how many loved ones? We lost? How many loved ones? Lost their sight. Amputations kidney failure, dialysis. And so when people tell me, well, it's hard. No. Let me tell you what's hard going to dialysis. Three days a week. Three hours a day. That's hard. Yeah, you know, yeah.
Well that's what esselstyn always says it. When people say, well, this is so extreme this diet. It's so radical and he's like, what's
Our goal is having your chest cracked open. It's like, that's radical like well today. No big deal,
right? Right. And it's about, that's why I encourage people to, you know, my book healthy alas. I encourage people to really do this holistic approach, get meditation into your life, breathing into your life. Learn how to move. Just beyond the bad non nutritional food. You put in your mouth. But tonight
On nutritional things, we do spiritually, you know, because just as our body is a physical body, there's an anatomy of our spirit and we need to ensure that we have complete nourishment all the way
around. Yeah, I appreciate that. I'm completely down with that. You have to approach it from a holistic perspective, it's Mind Body Spirit. It is and spirit gets short shrift in our culture. We tend to think that that doesn't really matter, but if you don't think that the vibration
That you're taking into your, your being by dint of the information. You choose to expose yourself to the people, you associate with that has, you know, a similar impact, that's not that different and the food that you're taking in.
So true. So true. And that's the goal in people around you, they love you. They going to be supportive and they don't have to go in that Journey with you but they should be supportive of it and it is a real way to determine
If is this person, the individual that should be in my life, you know, because of you don't understand that. I'm trying to do this journey, you're not supportive of that. It really says a lot and I had a very supportive group of people around me and I never tried to push my lifestyle or from people I give you information. That's what the book was all about. It was about saying, here's the information, particularly the African American and the communities of color of much of our food is connected to our Colonial.
Past this was forced on our ancestors, and we continued what slavery introduced into our lives. And I wanted to show people the real connection that the food you're eating is connecting to slavery. You may have left the plantation but you're still enslave you know that great documentary coming out of there trying to kill us. I believe the name of it is so important. I need my rap industry by Young Artists, my black lives matter movement because the black lives
Really matters. It's more than just George Floyd being murdered. It's the murder does taking place every day in our cities that we feed people, bad
food, a hundred percent. I'm involved. In that movie Behind the Scenes, I've seen it many times, been working with those guys on the edit a little bit and I can't wait for that movie to come out because it really makes that point so beautifully and in a manner that I think will be impactful to the communities that it is addressing its speaking.
That language. So true. So true. And and, and I think it is important, I mean, look, the cut of your jib like, you know, two decades, as a cop politician, African-American soon to be mayor like this is, you know, not the stereotypical, you know, quote unquote, vegan guy writes very interesting, intriguing and unlikely ambassador of this type of message and, you know, I or maybe I should just say plant-based
But I also think that that gives you a certain resonance because of your life experience to speak, to the communities that are so disproportionately impacted by our food system, our industrialized food system, and the disproportionate impact that it has on their health. Mmm. The food deserts, the food insecurity, the lack of consistent access to healthy food and how that trickles down into the skyrocketing diabetes rates and obesity rates and heart disease rates.
We're seeing in underprivileged communities of color all across
America. So true, so true. And you said, you said something that was extremely important that about the movie and how it's going to speak to the language of people, who probably would not have even engaged in this at all because you could have the best message. But if it's not speaking the right language, no one is going to understand it and this has been such a 20,000 feet message that people on the ground.
And they don't have a clue what we're talking about but when we go into our senior centers in our churches and other areas and engage in a real conversation of you know, his this guy, Eric Adams that we all knew from his fight for police reform and he always had an authentic message. Now, he's talking about this health peace, let's take a moment and listen to what he's saying and I can't tell you the number of emails calls people stop me on the street. Oh my he wants. He's dropped five six points. You know.
An A1C is but they've, you know people have finally, they believe their wait a minute. This is not my faith. You know, I don't have to live like this that's empowering. So imagine becoming the mayor and now I can impact the food with serving the underserved communities. This is an amazing opportunity to do it. We get it right here in New York, we can change the entire. It
happens. In New York sets, the stage and the town for all across America in the world.
And so it is, you know, on a tactile level very powerful, but on a symbolic level, perhaps even more powerful because the decisions that you're going to make, and the policies that you're going to push forward, people are going to be noticing and paying attention to that Jose, right? So in terms of that, I mean I know as Brooklyn Borough president you've made great progress in terms of Healthy nutrition in schools trying to reform nutrition in hospitals and you have this educational program at Bellevue. So it's educating the future.
The generation of doctors it's getting kids, you know, hooked on healthy food, as opposed to unhealthy food, your you've Incorporated, all of these principles in your office. You know, whether it's a crazy situation with what you do personally and with all the exercise equipment and the food prep and all that kind of stuff, which we can talk about. But when you cross the bridge and you're in Manhattan and you're sitting in that chair, what is the, what's the plan? Like, how are you going to be able to scale these?
Ideas to impact, New York City, more
broadly, and think big really thinking big and not being afraid to fail. And that is we've lost our adventurous Outlook. Even though we are explorers by existence, if we were and we would be still standing on one rock and not exploring this entire globe and we need to think differently and Surround ourselves.
People who are willing to think differently and that's the real problem of we are stagnant. As a nation, we're going through the motion which is continually getting up. Time to make the donuts time to make the donuts. No one is saying, let's think out beyond that. And so we're going to lean into hydroponic, vertical Farmers. Even as the discussion continues around, does the soil play, a more important role or not, let's get there. Let's be clear on what
Thing, we know the food that we are feeding our people now is unhealthy and not, everyone is going to eat organic from the soil. We know that fertilizers is doing a number on us. So we're going to really push the envelope on. How do we teach children how to grow healthy food? How do we teach children to have a nutritional Base education, to learn the origin of food to learn spices in home economic classes. I was blown away to find out the power spices.
Spices are more healthy than the
food, we eat, like how excited you
get? And and so the goal is we're going to start from the place.
We should not feed the crisis. What you put on your grill in, the backyard is beyond my control but you are not going to come into a government to agency as a prisoner. And I'm going to feed you unhealthy food if you're incarcerated as a child and ACS. I'm not feeding you in healthy food. If you are my health and hospital system, you're not getting enough healthy food. I'm not feeding those nine hundred and sixty thousand meals a day in a Department of Education, to be unhealthy food. We're going to look at wherever we're feeding.
To make sure at a minimum, you're getting healthy. Good tasting food. So we don't feed the healthcare crisis because that's what we're doing now,
right? I love the idealism of it but I'm not as sanguine about the idea of moving these powerful lobbying efforts and bureaucracies and unions and everything. It gets packed into kind of calcifying these systems. Like I know many people over the
The years have tried to venture into the school, lunch situation, and revamp it, and make it more healthy. And a lot of people sort of retreat, you know, had in hand. It's so much more difficult than you would suspect it to be. So right, is there a particular strategy that you have for being successful? Where others haven't
been? That's a great question. First, you have to start off with is beautiful to be idealistic.
Also, you must become realistic. That realism should not take you off your path, but you can't just live through life through the lens of idealism and you scale up that's a powerful term scaling up. It may start with just one Borough let's get it right this Iron Out The Kinks this figure it out then let's scale it up to another Borough. It may start with as we were talking I was talking to my team earlier. Let's just start with vertical farming and growing out tomatoes with no longer purchasing.
Altimeters, let's take the trucks off the road coming from Mexico. Let's just create a great experience in Brooklyn of how do we grow? All the tomatoes that the Department of Education is going to use is going to come from our vertical farming, where we going to employ people, we're going to take trucks off the road. We're going to send their children there and let them be part of the Civic engagement of bringing those fresh tomatoes, 2 hours places where we have food apartheid. I now they're engaged. Hey, you know what else we can do now? Did you learn how to grow tomatoes? Let's try some letters.
Let's try some spinach. We can scale up if you if you try to come in automatically and change School food overnight you're setting yourself up for failure and frustration. No let's Empower underground. Let's let's say the Miss Jones you know that asthma that your son is experiencing at that obesity that he's experiencing, let me show you what this food is doing to him every day. Now that organic movement is going to change this system and understanding how to build
Organic movements is going to allow me to be successful here. Hmm
he has a potential. The possibilities are endless with all the rooftops that this city has to offer and all the vacant underutilized, lots that are sitting idle right now. If you can get a team of Ron Finley's and Stephen Ritz's and create excitement within the local communities, and establish education programs that get kids plugged into this early. That's the future.
This is, you know, I remember the economics, Urban farming is here, Urban farming is any ties into the holistic approach. We can't talk about saving our environment without engaging, the conversation about our overconsumption on meat and dairy. So is the level of hypocrisy when we point into cars and buildings, and I tell all of my environmentalist, hey, don't forget the chicken feed when we talk about. What's
To, to our Amazon. Let's be honest about this, and that's the kind of conversation that I'm going to force. I'm not going to allow us to just take those comfortable conversation, it's easy to say, okay? Let's do something about the builders. No, let's do something about that steak that you are about to eat right now. And if you're True to this, then you're going to make the sacrifices, you're asking building owners to make. And if you're not, don't sit down at the table and engage in this
conversation. Yeah, there's gonna be some uncomfortable
Conversations around discomfort is girl, right, you know. Yeah, you know, a hundred percent and it is, it's always frustrating to hear, you know, quote, unquote environmentalist speak to the issues that relate to the Amazon Etc, and, and have this blind spot when it comes to the meat and dairy industry 21 talk about. Yeah, you know, what
do to do the conference that sponsored by the meat and dairy industry?
Sure there's a lot of that
but that's what and young people have. Now they're moving to this place of truth. They're not going to allow hypocrisy to remain anymore there. Now, drilling into okay, who's your sponsor, what is your sponsor doing
right there? Very attuned to transparency but without a doubt and I think any business owner who doesn't get that is doomed from the start without you're not transparent about how you're making whatever it is, you're making.
And the distribution that goes into the product that you're selling and you're not, you don't have baked into the mission statement of your business, some form of meaningful giving back then, it's
not going to work. Always that it was that it was not, but then we've challenged them all. So, you know, that's why the movie. They're trying to kill us is so important because you can live in a state of denial. But once you expose, you have to make a decision. Yeah. Are you going to be true too?
Who you say
you are? Yeah, it's tough man. You know short of you having this Health crisis, could you have gotten over that hump? Had you been who you were 10 years ago and you sat down and watch? They're trying to kill us without your segment in there. Obviously, would that have impacted you or how would that have impacted you?
I don't believe you would have. I believe I would have stated that, okay, that's going to happen to the next guy or I would have stayed it, okay? When I
I receive in symptoms, there. You know what I think, right? I'll think about it. But in this space, too many, young people are watching their parents, inject themselves with insulin, and it's all about motivators. What's your motivator? And I love when I talk to men that experience in Ed and I give them the connection of that you, listen, your erectile dysfunction is based on what you're eating. Yeah. You know, you want to motivate a man, you know? So it's about,
Out. Let me find your motivator. You know, your son or daughter is going through asthma. Diabetes Type 2 diabetes. Let me show you why that baby is going through that. When you find a person motivate made of motivator, it will motivate them to change because you are. You're right right. You have to be
motivated. Well, not only that you have to change the medical Paradigm because so many people who do experience these symptoms go to their doctor.
The doctor says, well here they tell them exactly what your doctor told you and somehow we've decided as a culture, that whatever your doctor says, you know, cannot be challenged like what my doctor told me to do this. That is what I'm going to do and I can't Heroes
as well, see. And so, that's why we're really happy with our Bellevue project with dr. Mcmackin, it's an
amazing project, the best she
is, and but never received the support we had to really address.
Drag health and Hospital ahead. But now we have a real team with dr. Katz who's over H? And H, he's excited about the possibilities. He's he's an amazing person there, although David did a presentation for us. One time at downstate to a group of doctors. And so here we have one of the largest Hospital Systems in America. We're going to use as a laboratory for the entire country.
And we show the evidence in a data can't deny it anymore and we're sad. Let's give people the options. If you want to go all the insulin route, you have the right to do so, but at least you should walk into your doctor's office and learn about plant-based lifestyle medicine. Right now, you don't have that
option. No. No. So when you're mayor and the New York Post headline is to see it. You could write it in your mind, right? Eric Adams is going.
To take away your cheeseburger right or something like that, right? Like it's a delicate line that you walk because you want to be this, this Ambassador, this living emblem of healthy vital living and yet at the same time, not be in the business of telling people, how they should be living their lives. So
true, so true and and we clear on that. The goal is number number one, the Marines to control the beach. The first
All of our army must be information. We must have a major information campaign. They trying to kill us all of these documentaries while done about food and what food is doing to our environment. Remember, we control our curriculum for the Department of Education. We're going to make sure that those first few months. I'll young, people are going to be engaged over and over again about what food is doing to our country. This is going
Be a youth-led movement because all the great movements movements we've had. They were actually implemented by young people. Those, they blow the Winds of Change. Sure. And so by having these young people engaged and informed, you're going to see a different energy in this city of demanding, we don't want this in our cafeteria, we don't want this food and we want options because the goal is to get people to the place of saying, we want options. We're not even there yet.
You know and we were successful in the vegetarian. Diets were successful with meatless Mondays and we have been successful, people thought it was
impossible, right? What was the other? The initiative took the bologna, the drive and of Bologna bologna, no
getting rid of process made. When you start to think about it that we serve in food that we know is a type 1 carcinogen. And so, when I go back and reflect on my mom, when we were going through tough Economic Times, we were going through the government to receive the serve.
Less food, processed cheese, can meet powdered eggs, powdered milk, imagine people at their most dire and difficult time. We are going to the government. And the government is saying, hey we got give you food to feature a chronic disease. Instead of saying we're going to give you food to make you healthy. Yeah. And that's over 45 years ago. Look what happened during covid. Yeah. We fed almost 200 million. New Yorkers and the food we fed them.
Them fed their pre-existing conditions instead of building, their strengthening your immune system. So they can be prepared to fight against Kobe. We were giving them chicken McNuggets, you know, the food that was actually harming
their immune? Yeah, I mean, every spoke in the wheel is broken, you know, back to this idea of this holistic organism whether it's the human body, or the city of New York, or the globe at large, everything has to be functioning in balance and properly. And right now we have
You know, conglomerate rised, industrialized food system. That's basically you know synergized with big Pharma to such an extent that we feed the people, the food that makes them sick, that then leads them to be dependent on Pharmaceuticals for the rest of their lives. So you were told and inevitably leads to the healthcare cry, not just the health care crisis. But the sort of the institution,
Of healthcare being broken in and of itself. That's driving, not only economic divide, but economic disaster as it. Bankrupts our country, the cost spun out of control. And we're so quick to prescribe these medications and and so resistant to cheaper Solutions earlier in that cycle, that would prevent the inevitable demise to come that becomes so much more costly in the end.
Not sustainable. We have to reach the point that we comprehend that the system is not sustainable. It's going to bankrupt our country. You have millions of people who are diabetic a substantial number are pre-diabetic waiting on deck of the cost of just a stain in the system. It's just not in the human course, the losing loved ones, their chronic disease, you know, you have a car
Like disease, it hijacks your life, you're no longer who you are. You sit at a terminal in your office staring at the screen because you wrote about the results that I test the productivity is shot and that's what which we're trying to save our country. And it's based on this ecosystem that you're talking about. This is this is not cost effective at all
now. And, and the change that you want to provoke, can't be shouldered by the individual you have to create
Elements that are conducive to the healthier choice, right? Because otherwise, you know, not everybody's going to have their their, their come to Jesus moment, like you right out, right. Like, so how do we catch people before that? Well, we create environments that are conducive to that healthy choice in the schools in the hospitals, in the corporations. And I think resolving those problems has to deal with confronting the misalignment of incentives that currently are at play right now. We're incentivizing, we're incentivizing people.
People to make the unhealthy choice because it's the, it's the accessible Choice, it's the cheapest choice. And when people don't have a lot of options, you can't fault them for making that choice that you have to really, you know, kind of create a new foundation in order to to compel the kind of change, you want to see at the highest level
macro and they need wins and but think about it for a moment. Go Back, 40 years walking to a conference
And all you will see, you may see a picture of water and the rest will be sugary drinks, go back. Now you see just the opposite me, see a picture of sugary drinks, but you'll see a whole host of different flavored water bottled water. We have incentivize new productivity, productivity of tasty Waters, or even the basic water because now the motivator was there, and I think the industry is going to change.
JH, when we start incentivizing and giving different motivations and consumer demands. Yeah,
that's going to motivate. And, and that that's driven by young people. Yes. Fundamentally and, you know, that's why every fast food restaurant. Now has a Beyond Burger, or an impossible, but it's not because they're altruistic, because this is what people want. And the market has spoken. So leveraging, the capitalistic machine, and trying to drive in a better direction, of course,
and it's quite possible, the solution and so,
We move we put the right incentives in place. If we are not forget going to a food pantry and handed someone to beat and it was like what do I do with this, right? But if we were in those food pantries, we would incentivize food. Cooking classes of teaching people how to eat healthy. How to prepare the food, how to make sure it's tasty because food must look good, must be good but don't miss. You got to taste
good. Yeah well we only have a couple minutes left so I think that's a great segue.
A into into, you know, how are you how you do this, right? Because you're preparing. Its look. Nobody's busier than you are, right? Like, let's be honest about it. And somehow, you figured out how to carve out time, to essentially have control over your food, by preparing your own meals and doing meal prep on the weekends. But for somebody who's listening to this, you saying listen, you know, I'm working to jot, you're telling me I got to learn how to cut. I got to do all this stuff like I'm already strapped, how am I going to do that?
And they
Right. And there's several berries, the barrier of of affordability. We have, to be honest about people believe that eating healthy is not affordable, which is wrong. You can grab a bag of lentils and eat healthy for the entire week on that three dollar bag of lentils. If you are in a bad budget, which that's a healthy meal, care of some lettuce, you can do everything from a lentil Burger to lentil stew to Lynn.
Two pancakes that I made the other day. There's so much you can do with that one bag of lint to that. You're not really stagnant. In the Mills that you are preparing. That's the same with black beans, the same with kidney beans. And so the most important thing that I say to people is don't rush yourself through this. Start at a slow pace because of the lifestyle, change and lifestyle, change is not a Sprint. It's a marathon and learn some good meal.
Number one, the male's that you can take your time to prepare your face smells and the meals that you can have on the go when you come in and out of your home when you're tired and you don't want to go to those bad meals. Like I learned how to make oatmeal overnight steel, cut oats you put it in a, a nice mason jar, with some fruits, and some berries, and whatever. Some cinnamon, you let it sit overnight and it actually Cooks overnight in the refrigerator. It's a
Great meal that you can have throughout the day. So there's so many tips of how to just change your mindset of how to ensure you get and we see the healthy meals and that's what the book my book healthy at last I show some great recipes. I tell people to always go to the recipe section first so you can see we're not talking about walking around with kale in your pocket all the time. We're talking about some good tasting meals that are comfort food and enjoyable in the
This, so walk me through your typical day and food and exercise.
First, I want to take a quick peek into my previous day, waking up with the two eggs on a row with bacon. And some butter on both sides and some process jelly on it. That is how I started my day. That's how I broke my fast, and I will go down a nice, 16 ounce glass of high sugar. Let me feed your diabetes orange juice and so that's how I started my day every day.
Day, you know, let me hit that, I didn't you have to order it. When I walked into the store, they already prepared for me, you know? But now I start with an amazing smoothie is a smoothie made out of kale cups of blackberries and blueberries, and a couple of superfoods, Malcolm powder, and other powders that I mix in it. I see a how we get us. IE, I saw you always get it wrong, you know, but I mix it in
And it is unbelievable how it holds me throughout until midday and how good I feel my energy is up. I'm not that lucky thought Jack that comes with having to process, all that heavy food. And then in the middle of the day, probably 132 o'clock. I'll do it. Nicely into noodles with some nutritional yeast, mushrooms, spinach
kale, you cook that in your you got a kitchen in your office, right? All I will prepare it at
home and
Then warm it up later or put it in a food, warm. If I'm on the road sometime, I'll leave it in the food. Warmer there's some great technology out there. If you are on the road all the time, you can plug a phone warmer up inside your cigarette lighter because you shouldn't be smoking. Anyway, you know putting your cigarette lighter and it'll keep it nice warm for you. So, look at the technology that's out there that can actually assist you in getting the healthy meals or you don't make those those bad stops or chop up some fruits and, and
Nibble on that throughout the day or make myself a nice stool. I have a great stew that I love made out of mushrooms. I would liquefy the mushrooms with other spices and then mix it with a some chopped vegetables, and other things or some sweet. Potato cornbread and wrap it up and eat it throughout the day. My three ingredients ice cream late at night when I just want to have some comfort food, frozen bananas, fresh made peanut butter and cacao powder with some berries and
Some other child fruits and